How Long Does It Take

As Long As Needed To Inspect It Correctly

clockThe average inspection is a hour and a half to about 3 hours long, give or take. The 3 biggest factors in how long your home inspection might take is it’s Size, Age and Condition.

The larger your new home (or rental) is, the longer it will take to get through the entire check list of items that need to be inspected. Adding an additional room or 2 to the average size home doesn’t effect the length of an inspection per say, it’s the electrical, venting and duct work, any additional windows or additional appliances in those rooms that may need looking at, etc.

The age of a residence is a big factor also. New standards in building practices come out every older ranch style homecouple of years for this or that, so a house that is 20 years old can have 5-10 items that now need to be brought to your attention as possibly needing upgrading or modification as the new occupant of the house, on top of whatever deferred maintenance, remodeling or handyman work that may have taken place in those 20 years. The average life expectancy of the main pieces of residential equipment in the home will be pushing old age as well and need careful scrutiny. On the other hand maybe that water heater has already been replaced, or the furnace, that would be great, now the biggest concern is usually whether the work was done correctly (it most always was). So it’s not hard to imagine the extra time and effort required for a 30 year old home, or 40, or 50 or more. as well as the additional time for your paperwork.

Odds Are That Your New Home Will Be Great

Those first 2 factors are main contributors to the condition of the home. But there are additional things to be inspected on the exterior that may have fallen into disrepair, the entire roofing system and covers that need looking at, the floors, walls, and ceiling. I will be looking for possible water damage, safety concerns, electrical problems, confirming that the plumbing system is functioning as it’s supposed to, and many other ‘conditions’ that effect the way a house operates.

odds in your favorThe good news is that the odds are squarely in your favor that the condition of the home you want is good. Even brand new homes have a minor issue or two so an older home will have more. But they are usually minor, inexpensive (especially when compared with purchasing the home) and easily addressed by either you, the seller or both. Many things on my report will simply be the result of ‘living’ in a home for so many years. Chances are also good that many of these minor things you’ll choose to live with as is and deal with at a later date.

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