About Me

DSCN1503My name is Danny Churchill, I was trained by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. Much of my hands on training was under J.D. Fuller of East Texas Home Inspection Service.

The technical ins and outs of training to be a home inspector wasn’t too difficult. I learned and passed all my training classes (modules) with near perfect scores. I passed the Texas State test for home inspectors on my first attempt with virtually 90% score. (I am told that the Texas State test was passed by about 47% of people on their first attempt – it required only a 70% score to pass – and many never went back to retake it). I am not trying to brag here. I am trying to convey my aptitude for this line of work as well as my commitment – the fact that I enjoy being a home inspector helps too!

My commitment also goes beyond my basic training. Many of the things I have learned about home inspecting have come from the Realtors that have gone through many, many inspection with their clients over the course of their careers. I have heard too many stories of over eager new inspectors causing unnecessary extra expense and worry for their clients so I chose to continue my education by taking additional courses in my pursuit to understand just what I’m really looking at. I know that EVERY house has issues. I also know that you would not be wanting to purchase the home if it were falling down around your ears as you toured it.

(Q): So how can it go from a ‘peach of a house’ to a ‘lemon’ via an inspection report?

(A): Too many people in the buying process NOT understanding, in a realistic and factual way, the ‘real life’ condition of the house and it’s components.

An inspection is intended to protect you from major expenses, as well as safety concerns that may crop up after the purchase that you were not aware of. Sometimes we really do find those kinds of issues too. BUT most of the time the things we find are easily fixed with a few $10’s of dollars and maybe a few 100’s of dollars. In most cases it is a very small sum indeed when compared to expense of purchasing your new home, not to mention maintaining it year after year. Out of the issues I find, some you’ll choose to correct, some you won’t, those choices are yours. Either way, I will make sure your new home is safe for you and your family and that you have a good understanding of the condition of all its major components and structural soundness. That’s what I do, and that’s why I continue to study.