Should I Get An Inspection?

cropped house photoShould your new home (duplex, townhouse, condo or rental) be inspected before you move in? The short answer is: yes – the long answer is: Absolutely! OK then, if it should be inspected, maybe you’re wondering WHY it should be inspected?

The short answer can come from your realtor, the seller or your own eyes and experience as you walk through your (perspective) new home. The long answer comes from a professional home inspector. This is because so many of those answers are hidden behind service panels, in attics, under homes, in cabinets, under floor coverings, in garages, on roofs, and so on.

Buyers and Sellers Inspections

When we talk about home inspections we are almost always referring to the person, or people, that are the prospective buyer(s) of a home. It also isn’t uncommon for the seller to get an inspection before their house goes on the market. This is to address any major concerns that may have gone unnoticed, to get an accurate idea of how much their home is worth in it’s present condition or to use as a sales tool in marketing their home.

Renters Inspectionscondo

Renters Inspections are becoming more popular as well. Many people are catching on to the fact that having a 3rd party verify the condition of the rental can save them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in deposits. A Renters Inspections is unique in that it must address the condition of the floor coverings, walls coverings and landscaping at the time the renter moves into the property. This inspection also addresses the health and safety concerns that are part of every home inspection by helping renters verify the safety of their surroundings.